It is amazing to see how time expands when you refuse to believe you don’t have enough time.

Yesterday, I planned to work till 3 to have time to prepare stuff for the evening invitation before an appointment at 4.30. As time went by, I consciously decided 1) to finish what I was doing and not just leave the job half done and 2) keep the “not enough” mantra at bay.

I completed my work by 4, switched to preparing food for the evening, attended the 4.30 appointment (which lasted till 5.45) and finished preparing for dinner. I did it all in a relaxed, appreciating way I wish I could master full time, and guess what? I even had time to sit in the sofa and relax before our guests arrived! When you know I’m usually the running-around-just-not-ready-yet kind of host, you can appreciate the full mesure of the miracle.

So today I woke up and decided my day’s intention was to be relaxed and shining. What a great day! I answered a few queries staying true to myself, met new people and engaged in inspiring talks, spent time on the conception of our new terrasse and now am writing. So relaxed and pleasurable!


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