It’s 5.30 pm. I spent my whole day doing heaps of things. Important and fruitful things, but most of them unrelated to my business. At 3.30 I finally sat down to do the “job things” I wanted to accomplish today.

I had planned on a 2-hour workday today, and that’s what I did. So a minute ago, having a toilet break, I congratulate myself on my efficiency. And guess what? I find myself strait away thinking: well, it was easy getting all this done, I could do a bit more maybe?

My God! Will it stop once? Will I stop harboring these depreciative thoughts? Yes. I’ll stop right now. At least for today. I decide to counteract by shutting down the computer, going in front of the mirror and looking myself in the eye: even if you think you have some flaws, I love you unconditionally 100% just as you are! And then, time for a shower and getting gorgeous for our 14th wedding anniversary.

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